paw! blush

collection Selim Varol

Squeaking and nimble he appears on the scene. Only a few remaining spots of his white body shimmer in the morning glow. This early sunlight drowns out his surroundings while the rest of his massive appearance remains almost entirely shrouded by the glittering dust of the pink soil. His bright nose graciously fights for attention, and his daunting eyes hide behind their reflections of the blue sky.
coarse is presenting paw! blush in cooperation with the collection Selim Varol, a unique collectors edition created to become a part of or the starting point of your “pink collection”. The 12'' vinyl figure comes cocooned in white sponge, packed in a highly unique and exclusive handcrafted wooden box resembling the existence of paw! the monkey rabbit. 

Limited to 144 pieces.

Each set contains one family and friends application card.











About Selim Varol

Selim Varol has been collecting toys since his childhood and owns one of the largest collections in Europe, numbering some 15,000 pieces. Since coarse started in 2004 our creations are part of the continuously growing collection. 
Selim Varol is considering paw! as a major milestone in the history of vinyl figures. And now the time ends in which paw! has been a missing part of his impressive “pink collection”.

Selim opened his treasure chambers and his exhibition at me collectors room Berlin until 14.10.2012


"ToyGiants" Daniel and Geo Fuchs showcasing the collection Selim Varol


Selim Varol


Art & Toys / me collectors room Berlin


Art & Toys / me collectors room Berlin




paw! raw

On the outside, they resemble a fluid physicality, effortlessly connected to their surroundings. Meanwhile, inside a destructive nothingness stirs, waiting for the perfect moment to escape their empty shells in a beautiful display of rage.

Though fearless, their existence is infinitely detached and without meaning – a burden to bear forever.

ready to take your signature

coarse is on a mission to protect its rarest species. In order to salvage released editions, we are now offering one of our most iconic art figures, exposed in raw beauty. 

the first ever raw art piece from coarse 

The 12'' paw! comes painted in untouched white. Keep him pure or turn paw! into your own one of a kind piece — we give the future of paw! into your hands. 

The tiny monkey–rabbit is cushioned in black sponge and packed securely in a carton box — covered in heavy art drawing paper, printed in light grey tones. Ready to take your signature. paw! raw is on sale for a limited time only.

Every 4th paw! raw comes with a unique sketch by coarse on the box.







A new paw! is born.

While he slowly grew in the giant fruit hanging from one of the trees in the endless cream garden, he had impatiently awaited this day. Anxious to see the world outside of his nebulous fruit shell. Yearning to jump around, bounce on the elastomer skin below him and embrace what his instincts would force him to do. Eventually the tree couldn’t hold the burden anymore. Awakening with a hitch, paw! awaited the clash. He huddled. With a loud „whoouuuuump“ the shell slammed to the ground. Stretched from the giant load, the skin shattered and burst. This was his moment! His white blood shot through his body bringing maximum energy to each of his virgin cells. paw!, almost exploding, bounced back into the air. Stretching his legs and arms to prepare for second impact. The time had come. A new paw! was born.

paw! the tiny monkey rabbit is 12 inches tall and comes in a heavenly banana carrot box topped with a felt leaf. Remove the elastic band and find paw! well protected in soft sponge. Waiting for you to wake him up!

On sale monday June 29

paw! milky bliss will also be available at Taipei Toy Festival at the pixie booth and in the pixie online store.







The elastomer is erupting. Colors flash high into the sky. This is the energy they had all been waiting for. No one can predict the path of the color vortex. But sooner or later they would all come under its inevitable color blast.

The paw! spectrum series is available as a rare artists edition. The paw! triptych is limited to 50 pcs (entire stampede). The tiny monkey rabbit is packed in an exclusive solid banana carrot box topped with a felt leaf. Open it and you will find paw! embedded in color erupting sponge. A unique coarse project.

A SDCC 2009 exclusive
blue / yellow / purple
limited worldwide to 50 pcs each color
DKE booth #4732
Sold out. Sold out. Sold out.

... in stores january 16. We are glad to introduce our latest paw! edition. The tiny monkey rabbit is coming to you in the classic coarsetoys colorway “pain” (light grey/bloody red). Our pain edition is limited to 200 pieces and is nicely packed in a silkscreen printed box. Packed in fabric bag, filled up with foamy letters.

coarsetoys paw pain

coarsetoys paw pain

coarsetoys paw pain